Honors Capstone Professionally Bound Printed Books

$40.00 / unit

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For Honors Program Seniors who have been approved to print their theses.

In order to qualify to purchase and receive a bound Honors Thesis/Capstone, you must have completed your Capstone, have submitted the Capstone Approval form signed by your Capstone advisor and Schulze Chair. In addition, you must have submitted your final capstone document, (formatted as a .doc or .docx), to the Honors Program ([email protected]) for final review by the end of the semester. See Capstone Handbook for more information.

  • Honors Students may purchase additional copies of their Bound Honors Capstone/Thesis for themselves, their family members, Capstone Advisors, etc.
  • All copies will be returned to the UNC Honors Program office in Michener Library L 98. Copies of the thesis are $40 per book and can be picked up at the office.
  • If you need your copies shipped to you, then the thesis binding and shipping for any additional copies of your thesis book are $50 per book.
    • If shipping is needed, please indicate all shipping information.
  • Please list any specific instructions in the "additional instructions" box, such as if you need books shipped to different addresses, or if there is a book that will need to be picked up on campus by a friend, family member, faculty member, etc.

Contact Honors Program at [email protected] or 970-351-2940 with your questions.